Absolutely heartsick over what’s happened with Paris. I know we credit her with being mature for her age and wise beyond her years. We celebrate her independence and her willingness to speak out when she feels she needs to. We’ve marveled at how well-adjusted and composed she is considering everything she’s been through. We’ve watched her blossom into a beautiful and strong young woman.

We do, however, need to remember that she is still just a child. She’s a little girl that lost her father, the one person she loved above all else. She went from being masked and protected to being watched and ridiculed by millions overnight. She’s gone through so many drastic changes over the last few years, more than anyone should have to experience in a lifetime, and at such a critical time in her life. Teenage years are rough for everyone, yet not all teenagers are questioned and asked to testify in a case involving the essential murder of their father.

She’s spoken candidly about being bullied in school and and on the internet. She’s going through more changes in her home life while reconnecting with her mother. We all know that things aren’t particularly happy in the Jackson household judging from what happened last summer…

I just ask that before people jump to rash conclusions, before people label her or judge her, please take everything she’s going through into consideration along with the fact that she is barely 15 years old. I’ve already seen name calling and jokes being made and it’s just utterly repulsive. This was a major cry for help, help that she obviously was desperate for and wasn’t finding anywhere else when she felt she needed to call a suicide hotline.  I pray that she finally gets the attention that she needs. 

Get well, sweet girl. So many people love you.

Saw the post on AEG and have 2 say even though i wasn't 4 the Jackson Family or AEG as all i could see this trial was draggin MJ's name i got 2 say its very suspect. Wade ain't been working and the last we heard from him he seemed very sure he was working on MJOne the Las Vegas based MJ Show. Turns out he has nothing 2 do with MJOne Jamie King got the job of choreographer. Is this also retaliation at the MJEstate for not getting the MJOne job.

That’s an awesome point, it very well could be. He probably thought he was missing out on a paycheck so he’s getting trying to get money from the Estate while completely betraying someone he’s been friends with the majority of his life and someone that I’m sure opened a lot of doors for him in his career.

There’s a multitude of things that could be causing him to do this but truth is not one of them. Just selfishness and greed.

I thought I was the only one that thought AEG had payed Wade to say that shit! To me it's obvious! They know they're asses are grassed with the Wrongful Death Suit. So they came up with this to turn the public against Michael ONCE AGAIN!

Yep. Not to mention the fact that Wade was an AEG employee when he did a Britney Spears tour (wasn’t he the one that she cheated on JT with? Seems irrelevant but I’m just saying… what a stand up dude) and is apparently now employed through them while he works with Demi Lovato. That’s not a coincidence. I’m not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but it seems to me that they’ve planned this whole thing meticulously and I hope and pray that in the end they are exposed as the dirty, greedy snakes that they are.

And if this is all just on Wade? Well, fuck him tbh. Fuck all of them. I am beyond hurt and confused and disappointed and I’m just angry now.

Wow, I just heard on GMA that Prince among many is to testify in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson. I know that they were good friends! I met MJ through Prince, when Prince took Sheila E. and I to an MJ concert and later MJ came to Prince’s house that night and hung out, and talked. Michael was so sweet when we met…

Cat Glover

(Prince is on the list for some previous issue he had with AEG, but I want to know more about Prince and Cat Glover and Sheila E all up at Prince’s house in the 80s…)

HooOOOoold the phone, Mike was just hangin’ out at Prince’s house TELL ME MORE NOW.

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